17 Countries where Boobs are considered more dangerous than Guns

We live in a world where a woman with a good rack is admired, however  exposing a bit of  boob in some countries  is believed to be more dangerous than a pulling a trigger

Here’s a list of the 17 countries of the world where a cheeky hint of nipple could get you in some serious trouble:

1. Thailand:
For a country famed for it’s sexual promiscuity, you’d be surprised to hear that exposing your nipples will result in an on-the-spot fine of 500 baht. Now, that does only convert to around £9.50 – but that’s still a holiday from The Sun.
2. Brazil:
Another country famous for it’s absolutely stunning and voluptuous women. They may been keen to show-off their rumps, but if a woman reveals a little bit of breast, they could be looking a stint in prison, lasting anywhere from 3 months to a year.

3. Mexico:
Another country where flashing your breasts can land you in prison. This from a country where it’s perfectly acceptable to own a potentially fatal gun.
4. Iceland:
The world applauded Iceland back in 2008 when they successfully imprisoned the bankers responsible for the financial crash. However, this is also the country which deems it more dangerous for a woman to show their breasts than own a gun. Even music superstar, Bjork, was forced to disguise hers in one of her music videos using a robot breast plate. Sexy.
5. Ireland:
This is unsurprising, considering Ireland’s long history with being governed by Catholic-inspired laws. For women, the matter of censorship is an important one, as a harmless nip-slip could land you a fine of more than €600, or even a 6 month prison stretch. And yes, for the record, it is also legal to own a gun in Ireland.

6. Turkey:
Now, we’re going to quickly move on from the fact that women in Turkey can face a fine if they expose their breasts in public, because even more ridiculously, in April last year, the Deputy Prime Minister, Bulent Arinc, proposed that a new law should be introduced banning all Turkish women from laughing in public. Arinc clearly doesn’t believe breast is best.

7. Pakistan:
If you decide to carry a gun in Pakistan, you’re still considered a perfectly acceptable member of society. However, if a women decides to show some boob, they could be slapped with a 200 rupee fine, or even a prison sentence.
8. Malta:
Despite being a gorgeous holiday destination with plenty of beaches to acquire a tan, however, choosing to remove your bikini top in Malta will also land you a fine or prison sentence.

9. Egypt:
If you were to walk around ancient Egypt, chances are you would have caught an eyeful of a pair of breasts worthy of a hieroglyphic. But modern-day Egypt is quite different, and choosing to is viewed as more of a threat than brandishing a handgun, and could result in you being locked behind bars.
10. Morocco:
Imagine you were walking down a street in Morocco with a gun – well fear not, because you’d only be greeted with smiles and compliments. However, if you choose to walk down the street with your chest exposed, then those smiles and compliments will turn to a prison sentence and possible expulsion.

11. Monaco:
The picture above shows Princess Charlene of Monaco enjoying a day at the beach. However, instead of soaking up the rays in a bikini, she is covered head-to-toe in a wetsuit. The reason being that if a women exposed any of her breast in public, they could face harsh prosecution.
12. Syria:
Granted, Syria is a country currently going through a lot of problems. However, one law in this war-torn country prevents women from leaving the house in a hijab which covers their head and chest. Any female that chooses to ignore this law faces public humiliation, beatings, imprisonment or a fine.
In mother Russia, world leaders expose their bare chests in sexually confused pictures in order to intimidate the rest of the world. However, if woman chooses to exposes her (much more attractive) chest, then she faces a €50 fine.
14. Iraq
Similar to Syria, If a woman chooses not to wearing the hijab, Iraqi women risk facing public humiliation, beatings, imprisonment and/or fines.

15. Singapore:
Like other countries on this, Singapore also allows gun ownership, but a cheeky flash of you chesticles will leave you facing up to 90 days in prison, or a whopping fine of $2,000.
16. United Arab Emirates:
It may be one of the richest countries in the world, but if a woman decides to expose her breasts in the United Arab Emirates, they’ll be looking at no less than six months imprisonment for breaking modesty laws.
17. Sudan:
Just don’t. If a woman chooses to expose her breast in a public area of Sudan, they’d have to take the inhumane punishment of up to 50 lashes. Ironically, they’d take your top off to perform this.


Source: techandfacts

Author: MC World

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