4 Best sex postions for the type of guy you got below the belt

Its not all about size , its how you row the boat with your oar. Here is a list of the 4 best postion according to your oar shape

Penis Type #1: The Scimitar

Shape definition: the Scimitar is a penis that curves upwards, is thicker towards the end and length is irrelevant.

Best Position

The standing T


This position suits both of you best because it allows your penis to naturally follow the shape of her body. It’s a very smooth, simple and pleasurable position that allows for fast sex, slow sex, and penis size is completely irrelevant. What’s more, the steeper the curve of your penis, the better it feels stroking her G-spot.


Penis Type #2: The Lighthouse

Shape Definition: a straight penis that narrows towards the end

Best Position

Doggy Style


Doggy style is a great position for most penis shapes and sizes, but it’s particularly good for this penis type, particularly if he has a substantial penis.  A straight penis that narrows towards the end makes entry more comfortable, and remains satisfying.

Remember lubrication


Penis Type #3:  The Ruler

Shape Definition: a long, straight, roughly symmetrical tube that doesn’t vary much in width along its length.

Best Position

The Frisk


This is the most versatile penis shape: it’s a go-anywhere, do-anything jack of all trades. So the world’s your oyster. But if it’s particularly long, then we recommend The Frisk. It allows her to change her position as much as she likes for different angles and sensations.


Penis Type #4:  The Chiquita

Shape Definition: this shape is a little shorter, perhaps wider in the middle than at either end.

Best Position

The T-Bone


This position, with her legs thrown over her shoulders and knees separated, offers more depth and more room to pull all the way out and all the way in again. It’s also for G -spot stimulation


Orginal source: lelo

Author: MC World

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