5 Things You Can Do With The Galaxy S5 That You Can’t Do With The iPhone 5S

The growing popularity of smart phones has seen a rise in the iPhone versus Samsung debate, this article from businessinsider.com tells us a bit more. Read full article here.

“The rivalry between the two best smartphone makers in the U.S. continues. Samsung recently unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, and it’s pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact, that it does a lot of things that Apple’s latest iPhone can’t do (and we’re not even including the differences between iOS and Android’s OS).

The Galaxy S5 will launch in the U.S. in April, but pricing and precise availability will be up to the wireless carriers. Because Samsung partnered with PayPal, you can use your fingerprint to make secure payments from your phone. You can drop it in water for a few minutes without it breaking. We all know what happens after an iPhone takes a dive…

The rear camera flash works as a built-in heart rate monitor so you can easily check your pulse right from your phone. The camera shoots 16-megapixel photos (the iPhone 5S camera only has 8 megapixels). It’s also better than the iPhone for taking pictures of moving objects

Like the iPhone, the Galaxy S5 comes in 16GB and 32GB models. The iPhone also has a 64GB model, but the S5 has a microSD memory card slot, expandable to a whopping 128GB.”

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