8 jobs you can do without a degree

We’ve been taught that education is the key to success. While this is true to some extent, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful if you don’t graduate. Hard work and dedication is most important if you want to be successful.

It is understandable that many South African matriculants do not have the opportunity to continue studying for several reasons. Tuition (plus books, food, transport and accommodation) is expensive and not many households can afford it. Others weren’t accepted due to the limited amounts of available spots for courses, too poor matric results, or the wrong subject choices. Maybe you decided to take a gap year but it became gap years instead.

Here’s a list of entry-level jobs that doesn’t require you to have any qualification (and you can apply for all of them in Careers24):

Straight outta matric


If you have confidence, are a quick thinker, and you’re able to charm people, then this career is absolutely perfect for you. This job requires you to be persistent, self-motivated and target driven.

Sales people are needed in most industries and often work on a commission basis. This means that the more sales you’re able to make, the higher your earning potential.

Call Centre Agent

Your only requirement when you start out is that you hold a matric certificate. You’ll enjoy this job if you have great people skills as you’ll be talking to them all day. This position might require you to work shifts but companies usually assist their employees with transport arrangements.

You will be dealing with customer queries, collecting customer information, or even promotions and sales. Call centre agents can soon become team leaders, trainers and managers if they have a strong personality and leadership skills.

Data Capturer

If you’re more of an introvert, then you may really like being a data capturer. You must have great computer skills as you’ll have to capture different kinds of information onto a system for record keeping.


You must be computer literate and it’s a huge plus if you’re proficient in more than one language. You should have excellent typing skills to apply.


With the proper driver’s licence (there are different codes for different vehicles), you can do an array of jobs: From chauffeuring to truck driving, couriering, and you can even become a learner’s driver assistant.


In the law industry, it’ll be your job to ensure the smooth running of the practice. You must have excellent admin skills, be able to work independently, and have great communication skills.

Eventually completing a Paralegal Practitioner online short course through UCT’s GetSmarter will give you a competitive advantage.


There are many retail vacancies on Careers24. This is a great way to start your career and work your way up in an established company all depends on you. Start as sales assistant, cashier, or help out in the logistics department, your options are vast. The possibilities of internal promotions are huge, especially if you have a go-getter attitude.

Invoicing Clerk

You must be PC literate to qualify for this position. Your attention to detail must be impeccable. If you’re able to handle pressure during periods of high volume and you have no qualms with numbers, then be sure you apply today.

Your future is bright

Whatever the reason, you still have to choose a career, get a job and make a living. Sometimes it may feel like all hope is lost, but it isn’t necessarily. It’s still up to you to make a success of your life.

If you have the right attitude, a great work ethic, and if you believe in your abilities, there is still hope for you. Employers are always looking for workers that have potential. Employers reward those that are hard-working by promoting them.

Yes, you may have to work a little harder to prove yourself than graduates your age, but you should consider this a blessing. If you are enthusiastic, driven and willing to put in the hours you can go on to have a long and very successful career. Your first job is merely the first step on the ladder.

Even if it’s not the ideal job right now, your future is still bright.  Who knows what you’ll be doing next.

Your next step

No matter what job you find yourself in, you can up your employability by completing free online courses, e.g. you can learn to code. Another alternative to a full 3 year qualification is to do a 10 week online course. With GetSmarter, in association with UCT, you can upskill at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time. Many companies do send their staff for training – you should please take advantage of these opportunities too.

In no time, you’ll be the one in charge of the new graduates!

Source: careers24

Author: MC World

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