Apple Car Gets Go-Ahead, Could Be Unveiled In 2019

The long-rumored Apple Car could be fast-tracked for a release date in 2019 to do battle in the electric car field and rival other tech companies pursuing automobiles.

Sources close to The Wall Street Journal say Apple has ramped up efforts to produce the car, the paper reported Monday, with plans to put 1,800 employees on the project. Apple has made efforts in courting automotive industry figures such as former FCA executive Doug Bettsin July, proving grounds and permission from the state of California to test an autonomous vehicle.

The 2019 ship date, in Apple-speak, is in line with previous reports about the car, but there are several holes to be figured out, however, such as where Apple would build such a car or where it would source the batteries. It’s not expected to be totally autonomous, according to WSJ.

Still, this development is perhaps the clearest signal Apple is readying a car to rival the attention the Google Car has received. Along with Tesla, the battle to build Silicon Valley’s best car appears to be heating up.

Source: carscoops

Author: MC World

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