#AskWomen: What men should not wear after 35

We asked four women over the age of 30 about the clothing items that they felt men should let go off after they turn 35. See what they had to say:


Skinny jeans
Wearing skinny jeans after 35 is just crass. We shouldn’t be looking at men over 35 who can’t breathe when they walk – it’s awful and unforgivable. I’m not for men who wear clothes that make them feel uncomfortable, clothes that are trying to take ten years off their age, and that are made for the young and hip.
It looks like he’s trying to hold onto a youthfulness that’s just not there anymore. And don’t get me wrong, I think there is a way to be youthful if you are getting older, but it shouldn’t be done by wearing skinny jeans. For me, a man in skinny jeans is one who is not fully ready to acknowledge and take responsibility for where he is in life!

MPHO, 37

Studded belts
In general, guys should not be wearing tight tops and studded belts, but I’ve come to realise that the two are almost inseparable. First of all, most of the belts look cheap, and then the top makes it look like the guy is about to explode! It’s just a horrible combination. I don’t think guys over 35 need to put themselves under that kind of pressure.
When you hit your 30s, you need to start simplifying your life and there is no longer a need for you to be trying so hard, so let loose, be simple.

NEO, 30

Heavily branded items 
Garments with too much branding on them put me off! First of all, it comes across as a loud cry for attention, and secondly, you don’t need to be showing off like that . . . what are you trying to make up for?
What I immediately think of when seeing a guy with a heavily branded item of clothing is that he’s showey and cheap. I don’t think he’ll pay for a meal. It also has such a ‘skothane’ vibe, and a skothane vibe should not be what you’re going for in the third decade of your life. No class, no style, no taste, no focus and just looking to look expensive. He might as well complete the look with a gold chain.

CINDY, Mid-30s

Big sneakers
Older men really need to stop wearing those big sneakers. They are just not appropriate for a mature man in any context. It looks like you want to go back to your teenage years, and haven’t accepted the place you’re at in life.
What immediately comes to mind when I see a guy in those big sneakers is that he is immature and is trying to fit in with the young ones. And don’t get me wrong, I love a guy that wears sneakers, I just have a problem with those big ones. Just as a side note, older guys also need to get rid of their piercings.

Source: destinyman

Author: MC World

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