Devilish Black Koenigsegg Agera X Hits The Spa Circuit

Koenigsegg, alongside with Pagani, is one of only just a small handful of supercar start-up manufacturers to have actually survived and fulfilled its many promises. Many have tried to tap into this market and very few have succeeded quite like Koenigsegg.

Currently, the only model being produced by the Swedish firm is the Agera RS which is an amalgamation of the Agera R and the One:1 hypercar. Before the RS was introduced, one of Koenigsegg’s finest creations was certainly the one-off Agera X.

Based around the Agera S, it is powered by a 4.7-liter V8 engine supplemented with two turbochargers and offering a McLaren P1-beating 910 hp.

While one could forgive the owner of the special Agera X for keeping it locked away, it is actually driven quite frequently and recently hit the famed Spa Francorchamps Formula 1 circuit during a private track day.

As you’d imagine, it sounds and looks absolutely spectacular while on the move!

Source: carscoops

Author: MC World

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