Dodge ‘Predators’ Spot Highlights Their Three Meanest Products

Dodge is back with another awesome spot that genuinely reflects how they see themselves as a brand. All we can do is nod and agree.

“There are no monsters to fear…so we had to build our own,” is what you’ll find in this video’s description. Dodge are obviously trying to get us to see their Hellcat and Viper models as top of the line weapons of mass destruction, where the masses are made up of all their rival manufacturers.

Coincidentally this reminds me of that quote from the movie Pacific Rim, where the narrator talked about how “In order to fight monsters, we created monsters of our own,” which by the way was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard from a strategic point of view. The movie was fun though.

Also, if you visit their YouTube channel, you’ll find two different versions of this spot, though the 30-second version feels too rushed and less artistic than this ‘Extended Cut’ version.

The video is well thought out, the soundtrack couldn’t have been more appropriate and the cars, downright evil!

We’re talking about the 707 HP Challenger Hellcat and Charger Hellcat, as well as the 645 HP Viper, three genuine supercars – and yes, you should be able to call them supercars regardless of body type and number of doors.

In terms of performance, all three are top tier American muscle cars, whereas the two Hellcats are certainly more popular (right now) than anything rivals from Chevrolet or Ford currently have in their line-ups.

Source: carscoops

Author: MC World

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