Ever Wondered How An Aston Martin Speedboat Would Look Like?

Quintessence Yachts, in collaboration with Mulder Design, unveild the first details of their umpcoming Aston Martin-branded range of powerboats named the AM37.

The three firms released digital images on how the speedboats would look like. We’re not boat enthusiasts, but we got to hand it to them, they did a pretty nice job. So nice, in fact, that we’re kind of sad the speedboats are just in concept form and actually don’t exist.

You might think the 102-year-old automaker got bored of building super cool sports cars and turned its attention tomaritimal vehicles, but you’d be mistaken. As a matter of fact, the only way Aston Martin is involved in these high-end yachts, is through their design input and of course, the rights to use their name.

Anyway, they’re planning to build two kinds of speedboats, called the AM37 and the AM37S. The speedboats use exotic materials, like carbon fiber and high-tech stiff composite materials in their construction.

The AM37 is considered a gran turismo of boats and will have a maximum speed of 44 knots (which is about 50 mph) and the AM37S will be capable of 52 knots – the equivalent of 60 mph. S probably stands for “sport”. Both will be built in the UK, in Southampton, to honor Aston Martin’s heritage and both were penned by Mulder Design, famous for their high-speed boats created used in James Bond movies, including Moonraker, Octopussy and The World is Not Enough.

Merek Reichman, Aston Martin’s design director, stated that the AM37 and the AM37S were inspired by Aston Martin cars the world hasn’t seen yet. We can’t wait to see these two marvels on water in September, at their official debut at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Source: Carscoops

Author: MC World

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