Family in armed robbery nightmare

Cape Town – When they moved to Cape Town from Joburg in 2013, a family expected an improvement in their standard of living, but have instead been victims of robberies and hijackings.

On Thursday, Nuraan Desai was going about preparing for her day and waiting to consult with clients. But her next clients turned out to be robbers who ransacked her home and terrorised her children.

A man and a woman, posing as a couple, and a third male suspect entered the family’s Rondebosch East home and left with money, jewellery, and electronics after locking up Desai, her four children and two domestic workers.

Desai said she was busy “blowdrying her daughter’s hair” when she heard faint screams.

Soon they were separated and locked in different rooms, including the bathroom, while the robbers – one armed with a gun – tore through the home.

In CCTV footage captured on the family’s home security system, the suspects are seen at the door, waiting for someone to give them access.

Once they are in the house they sit at a table, as if they had arrived for an appointment.

Then a male suspect gets up, pulls a gun from a backpack, cocks it and pushes a domestic worker to the back of the house.

Desai explained that her children – aged 19, 8, 3 and 2 – were terrified. She showed the robbers where the safe was because she didn’t want her children harmed.

“The gun was cocked and they said they would kill my children if I didn’t take them to the safe.”

She said one of the men ransacked her daughter’s room and the woman took her daughter’s clothing.

“I hate what they did to my family. They came into my space and I had to be a puppy and listen to their commands for the sake of my kids.”

She said she was approached by the couple weeks ago about a business proposal, and they had been to her house once before.

They had also communicated with her on the phone.

She said she had “no faith that the police would find the culprits”, despite “proper fingerprints” and faces on camera.

“The case number is just for the sake of insurance. The system fails you.”

Her husband Riaz was at work when the incident took place, but rushed home to be with his family. He recounted the number of times his family had been victims to crime.

“In 2013 it started; six guys hijacked me and last year I was robbed twice at my business. In November last year, I was hijacked again. My wife was in a smash-and-grab recently and now this.”

Desai’s brother-in-law Shabudien Berekur said the family were fed up with crime and being victims.

“It is time for the people responsible to be caught. Dogs live better than humans in this country. This is about people and their living conditions.”

Berekur said the family have been victims of crime numerous times and showed a bullet wound to his right arm that he suffered when his business was robbed.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut confirmed the incident.

“The occupants of the house were threatened with a firearm.

“Afterwards the suspects fled with an undisclosed amount of cash and jewellery. No shots were fired and no one was injured.”

Traut added that police were investigating the matter and no arrests had been made as yet.

Source: iol

Author: MC World

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