Ford has announced a brand new engine that will form the basis of its future and upcoming diesel power trains going all the way from passenger to commercial cars. The new Ford EcoBlue advanced diesel engine is said to be more efficient yet more powerful than its2.2-litre TDCI predecessor. In fact, it complies with new Euro 6 emissions laws.

Displacing 2.0-litres into four cylinders, the Ford EcoBlue engine debuts in the new Transit and Transit Custom commercial vehicles, with 20% more torque at 1 250rpm and 4 decibels lower noise levels at idle.

“Ford’s EcoBoost created a new standard for petrol engines – smaller, more efficient with surprising performance. That same obsession to innovate for the customer is behind our new Ford EcoBlue diesel engine range,” said Jim Farley, chairman and CEO of Ford of Europe. “This new engine lifts fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 by over 10% in Transit, part of Europe’s best-selling commercial vehicle line-up, lowering costs for our customers.”

Power figures will range from 78kW, 97kW and 127kW. Later we’ll see these figures reach 149kW and even 180kW in some passenger vehicles. Some of the features that make it this way include a new low-inertia turbocharger, an optimised valve-train and an all-new single-piece camshaft module and Piezo electric technology that uses electrically-responsive crystals to closely control fuel delivery. Ford also says it was went through durability testing, including 400 000km at the hands of real-world customers.

Source: in4ride

Author: MC World

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