Get Moving in 2015

The parties are done, the hangovers have been had. It’s a whole new year, why not make it all about you?


You’ve seen them, those people in short pants and fluo- rescent shirts running down roads, mountain paths and highways.

Where are they running to? Why would anyone want to do that? Why are they up so early?

Running is, hands down, the fastest and easiest road to a new you. You just need a pair of shoes and an open road. No gym fees, no special equipment, just you.

Get yourself some running shoes. New research says you should look for a shoe with a low heel, even no heel. This helps you run more naturally. Think about it; back in the day humans used to run down gemsbok on their bare feet. We’re made to run.

All you need is 20 minutes, 3 times a week to get moving. Start off slow; maybe convince a friend to join you. It’ll be tough in the beginning, but it’ll only take a couple of weeks for you to be eating up the kilometers.



Want to work out and feel like a man doing it? Maybe Crossfit is for you.

This is a highly physical workout method that borrows from a range of different types of workout to create a high-intensity
exer- cise regime with an emphasis on functional movement. You’ll be lifting weights, dragging chains, flipping truck tyres, running, jumping, climbing, you name it.

You’ll need to find a gym or a trainer that specialises in the Crossfit style of training.

Try before you buy. Most gyms should let you try a class or two before you commit.









Maybe the regular gym isn’t for you, maybe you want more than fitness. Mixed martial arts (MMA) gets you fit and teaches you how to defend yourself. Remember: this is a full-contact combat sport; you’re going to get punched in the face.

Like Crossfit, you’ll need to join a gym or find a trainer. Most often you’ll train in groups. Like the name suggests, MMA bor- rows from a number of combat styles to keep you fighting fit. Karate, Kung Fu, Kick boxing, Wrestling, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Decide if you’re just looking for a workout or actually competing in the cage. A reputable school will let you watch a class and try it out before you jump in. Be prepared to possibly get hurt.

Don’t try too hard to be tough, there’s a lot to learn and you’ll just wear yourself out. Learn when to tap out; real men know when they’re beaten.


Author: MC World

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