GTI Clubsport Driven: Is It The Ultimate Hot Golf?

From the moment we heard VW would launch a hardcore version of the Golf GTI we couldn’t help but wonder what kind of gap could the Clubsport possibly fill.

After all, the absolutely brilliant Golf R is a gem of a hot hatch. So, what’s the reasoning behind this?

This is the first Golf with real downforce on both axles, increasing the stability of the car, while the turbocharged 2-litre engine now makes 265hp with an overboost function that increases the power to 290hp for up to 10 seconds.

VW has also revised the suspension in order to sharpen up its handling characteristics. With all these significant revisions to the already very capable GTI, the question remains: Is the new Golf GTI Clubsport a better performance car than the AWD 300hp Golf R? Could it possibly pull off such a trick? Evo magazine reviews it in an effort to find out.

Source: carscoops

Author: MC World

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