Go get your Flu Vaccine , before Winter sets in

The flu season is on its way and because each year brings new forms of the flu viruses and you’ll need a new one to protect you this season.

It is advisable to get your flu shot before the winter starts . Get your shot now as it takes between 10 days and 2 weeks for the vaccine to become fully effective,  so that your immunity can be strong when you’re exposed to one of the flu viruses the vaccine protects you against.

The WHO recommends that it’s vital that the following people get the flu shot:

  • Healthcare workers and caregivers
  • People who work in crowded areas
  • Pregnant women and small children
  • People who are on long-term steroids, undergoing chemotherapy, taking HIV medication
  • Those who have liver, lung, kidney or heart diseases
  • People who are over 50



Source: http://www.health24.com/

Author: MC World

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