Healthy Sex Life Habits

By Incorporating These 3 Easy Habits Into Your Life, You Will Actually Improve Your Sex Life.

A great sex life involves more than having good technique. It is a lifestyle that expands beyond the bedroom and into the everyday. What you do or don’t do for your heart, mind, and body affects your sexual health. If you are finding any difficulties during sex such as a lagging libido, waning stamina or erectile dysfunction, you may find that adopting certain painless lifestyle changes will boost your sex life and make you healthier and happier. It will also make her happier. And if she’s happy, you will certainly be getting some.

It’s all about oxygen: exercise

Your body gives what it gets. If your sloth-like performance in front of the television has you wondering why you can’t quite get it up, or when you do your arms give out before she reaches her peak, consider your activity levels. When was the last time you left the couch and went for a run or, instead of the elevator, took the stairs? Your heart pumps oxygenated blood into your body and into the “star” of your “coming attraction.”

You need regular exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes to work your heart, pump your blood, and increase circulation. A propercardiovascular workout is just what you need to improve your stamina and performance in bed. Fringe benefits include better appearance and overall self-esteem. Women are most attracted to a confident man.  Arrogance and insecurity is only a thin veil that women see right through.

You won’t be just another act when you start feeling as good as you look. Ladies notice the difference between a poser and a real man. Include grooming in your routine and now you have a sex-worthy body anytime, anyplace. Get regular exercise, keep nails clean and trim, body hair shaven, waxed or tamed, and you will just know you look good. The best part is you’ll feel good too. What are you waiting for?

Working the mind: mental acuity

You see them all over the place. Logic and crossword puzzles, Sudoku; people are trying to get their flabby minds toned and ready for a challenge. Why?  Maybe some of them realize the advantage of an agile mind when it comes to life in the bedroom. Sex is both mental and physical. What you can do with your mind when you’re having sex is astounding. By using focus, you can sustain your erection and keep yourself from ejaculating so you can control her mind-blowing orgasms, one after another. If you lose your focus, you can lose your control and the game can be over within seconds.

Stamina is as much physical as it is mental. True mastery comes when you can tell your body what to do, not the other way around. Keeping your mind flexible also helps you get rid of any banalities in your sex life by keeping you creative. It helps you refrain from repetition and laziness, and steer clear of boring patterns in your approach and practice of great sex. Train your mind just as you train your body. It needs exercise and will allow you to reap priceless rewards.

A way of life: not another diet

Life isn’t about eating your way through every menu and drinking your way to stupefying lows. Eating isn’t about excess gratification. Excesses, if any, should come in the form of scintillating sexual activities. Certain foods and large quantities can put a damper on your sex life by making you feel sluggish and by being detrimental to your vital health. Keep your body healthy by monitoring what you put in it.

Eating is simply a way for your body to have its nutritional needs met. Here are some tips on eating: You know your body, recognize the signs.  If you have the tendency to overeat try this: slow down.  Remember that your stomach doesn’t signal to your brain that it is full until about 20 minutes after you reach that trouser unbuckling, top button-relieving state.  A good pre-coital game plan is to drink water and to avoid fatty, heavy foods, which will make you feel sluggish and tired.

Sugars give you a spike and high but they make you plummet just as quickly. Alcohol is a downer. Really, it is. You can have trouble getting/maintaining an erection, difficulty ejaculating, and a decreased sexual desire if you drink too much booze. It can also reduce your fertility levels by half. Ouch. Caffeine has the same effect.

There are certain foods that increase libido. For those in the baby game, Vitamin C and antioxidants can prevent sperm defects and promote sperm mobility. Daily doses of Calcium and Vitamin D can increase male fertility, and sufficient levels of Zinc will keep your testosterone and semen levels good to go.

healthy body, healthy sex

Health is important for life and sex. Without it, neither can exist. Sex is life and, certainly, life is a product of sex, but how good or bad it is depends entirely on you. By making slight changes to your lifestyle such as taking the stairs, joining a gym, getting off the couch and thinking about the quality of food you put in your system, you will finely tune your mind and body into sex-worthy shape. Maintain a healthy, active, focused life and your sex will improve immensely.


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