How to wear a Cap

We all love our hats  , but choosing the right one will either be cool or not .

Here is a guide to choosing the correct one for your face shape , and how to wear the various options . Bring on the SWAG

Tips on Choosing the Right Hat for Your Face Shape

  • Hats with a flat brim will draw in more attention to your face by acting as a frame. If your cheeks are a little rounder, a tight fitting baseball cap can accentuate that feature. Try out a hat with a brim to make your cheeks look a little less round.
  • Angular hats work well for those with a rounder face, so opt for a hat with a high crown, or a just slant your hat forward.
  • If you have a square face, opt for a hat with a floppier fit, like a bowler, or a more organic fitting fedora.
  • If you have a face that is longer than it is wide (so closer to an oval than a circle), opt for a hat with a flat brim. Hats like a wide-brim Panama or a flat top will compliment your face, while a hat with a short brim will elongate it.

1.Baseball/Dad cap

Generally they’re unstructured (so no extra padding in the front, similar to a fitted cap), made of cotton, and are typically all one colour.

If you’re going to wear a dad hat, wear it with something equally as laid back, chinos or light wash denim are a great option.  Finish it all off with your favourite plain white tee.

dad hat
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2.The Snapback cap

Since the snapback is a laid back style of hat, don’t try the smart look . We recommend pairing it with a simple t-shirt or jacket(and some wicked shades!) for a great, laid-back summer feel.

The cap can be worn several different ways. Flip the brim up for more of a ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ feel, or wear it backwards for a low-key look. Remember: confidence is crucial when wearing a snapback, the hat has a lot of personality so don’t let it overwhelm you – let your personality shine!

3. The Fitted cap

Fitted caps, popularised by rappers and sports players, are a tough trend to pull off. Too often these caps are favoured by reality TV shows and truckers. To avoid pulling off a fitted cap without looking like you wear seven chains at all time, try picking a hat that is more subdued in colour.

We recommend keeping the brim forwards, rather than sideways or backwards. One polarizing debate about fitted caps is the stickers. Some people are religious about their cap stickers, and think that keeping your stickers on your cap is a great way to show off your style. We recommend taking them off – anyone worth impressing (ladies, employers, etc.) probably won’t notice if you have your stickers on or if you don’t.


Original source: theidleman

Author: MC World

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