Boity would say yes if Cassper asked for her hand in marriage.

Lets celebrate “Womens Month” with a special woman.

I promised myself that I will stay away from hyper bold and controversial headlines unless it is political based but this title means so much to me. It is something that I have been preaching in my book EMPIRE for the last few months now. Boity left me on the 21st of July 2015 completely speechless…

I officially became the biggest fan of Cassper Nyovest and Boity. “Boivest” didn’t pop up like many of these fake celebrity publicity stunts. “Boivest” existed long before the fame and money. Boity and Cassper dated when Boity was 16 and again when she was 19. They have been friends since she was 14 but that’s not even the best part. The most amazing thing about “Boivest” is the fact that they are so confident in each other that the media and any external influence does not affect their relationship. Boity and Cassper compliment each other and are so confident in their relationship. I asked Boitumelo if she sees herself with Cassper in the long term and if Cassper had to ask her to marry him what would she say. Her answer was simple…Yes.

This is exactly what we as the South African society need. We need to shift away from the mindset of hiding our significent other, we need to stop hiding our intentions and love for each other. The day that you can openly say yes I see myself with this person and yes I want to marry this person is the day you have something special wrapped up in trust.

Boitumelo Thulo blew me away with her humbleness. She has so much of content on the transcripts of her soul. The conversation was suppose to be 10-15 minutes long however we chatted for over 70 minutes just laughing and engaging on life, love and the youth. We had a bit of a bee problem but hey we managed to overcome the situation.

Boity has a heart of gold, her advice for #YoungAfrica and young women in general was phenomenal. I did this article in a Q&A format since there is so much of information and content. Most importantly this article is filled with inspiration and motivation for South Africa and Africa to inhale so that success and progress can be exhaled.

Before we get to the Q&A I just want to celebrate this young beautiful soul. Not only is Boity one of the most beautiful women in South Africa she is also one of the most intellectual. Her mindset is everything.

Below is the Q&A with Boity:

You schooled in Potchefstroom Girls High, tell us more about the start of your career. Give us a little background on you?

When I was at home in Potch, I didn’t even think about the fame and the spotlight. It wasn’t a part of my agenda. I just wanted to act, be in small plays and act. I grew up in a small conversative town, I went to a normal school like everyone else. I cant explain how my dream lead me here. I really believe God didn’t leave me waiting. Everything happened at the right time.

What sports did you do at school and university?

I was very athletic, I did running and sprinting from primary school until grade 11 then I did drummies, my mom wanted me to do tennis but I didn’t even understand it so I did drummies. I thought it was fun and cute.

What advice can you give to matric students?

Enjoy your last year, I know that you want to leave school but it’s a time that you should be embracing it the most. I cried my eyes out when it was time for us to leave each other. You just need to use your time well, if you don’t understand something, ask a teacher. Just sit down and make sure that you understand everything. You don’t need to decide actually what you want to do, give yourself time to decide.

Are you still friends with your friends at school?

No, I actually found my true friends at university. I met different people at university and they opened up my mind in a certain way and I realised that they are the people I want to be around. Chances are you wont be friends with everyone you were friends with so enjoy the process of meeting the right people.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I am very spiritual so I mainly concentrate on positivity and being in the current. I was never someone who would say my life is over if I don’t achieve a certain thing in the next five years. I just let life happen, I allow life to take its course. I believe in leaving it to God. I would love to be in Hollywood.

How important is it to have someone there to share your success with?

Very important, I always say that love heals. You can go through things alone but we were not placed on this earth to be alone. When you have someone who is constantly reminding you that you are on the right path and that you are okay, that’s the best thing.Its very difficult to be in this industry being alone. It’s a mess. Its not as fun, you don’t enjoy your success as much without having someone there. Whether it’s a best friend or a lover makes it more worth it. I am the happiest I have ever been. You don’t have to hide it to the world.

Do you see this as a super long term relationship?

Definitely long term, I don’t ever get into anything unless its planned to be long term. People are afraid to say that they want to be together forever. We both want this forever.

So if Cassper had to do one of his special pop up out of nowhere moments and go down on one knee with a beautiful Cartier ring. What would you do or say if he asks you to marry him?

If I can say that I want this forever, then I cant say no its too early so I would say yes.

You were friends with Cassper before you guys dated, tell me more about that?

I actually met Cassper when I was 14, which was also the time I started dating my first boyfriend, I was on my way to my boyfriends sister because we were really good friends while I was dating my first boyfriend. Cassper was there and he literally just stared at me and all I said was sorry im taken. Two years later he asked me out and and we dated broke up and dated again at 19. We were friends before all of the hype and publicity.

What is the cutest thing Cassper did for you away from all the romantic roses and dates, even as friends before you guys started dating what is the cutest thing he did?

Well he pimped my car, he took it in and he said he has this brilliant idea for the car.

B, South Africa will soon see the new color of your car, lets help them spot you?

My car will be pink.

B so many young people look up to you, how do you build that direct link with your support base?

I like to engage with them, as much as I want to advise them I want it to be a conversation between us. I want us to find solutions to their problems together through communication.

What is the biggest issue facing young people today?

Negativity. It has become so cool to be rude, the way they communicate with each other is horrible. There is no remorse for what they say. Jumping on the wagon is another issue, young people are confused and the solution to that is to find yourself. Be honest to yourself.

I mean I speak about Networking so much in my book EMPIRE, how important is networking? 

Networking is very important. Speak to people who did it before you, networking can get you far. What helped me in my career was the fact that I could communicate with people, talk to people, give people your ideas and ask questions. Networking is 60% of your success and the other 40% is hard work.

If I had to rate the time spent with B = 10/10


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