A Kwaito thesis – Msawawa Yes, Yes, Yes

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!: In the first ‘yes’, he is exclaiming that it is indeed him.

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Showbiz Singer Sboniso Msawawa Dlamini when he was young PHOTO: ANTONIO MUCHAVE

Then second one, he is emphasising that it is indeed him like he said earlier. In the third, he is absolutely certain and affirms his first three ‘yeses’.

The final two mark his irritation as he rapidly repeats to ensure that the doubters are silenced.

The grandness that is himself; Msawawa, is so awesome and so huge that even he can only refer to himself in the third person.

This evidenced by “NguMsawawa lo!” (This is Msawawa!) To say, “I am Msawawa” would have caused many unnecessary deaths and a nuclear explosion that could have exterminated half the world, yet only half of Msawawa.

His awesomeness is so awesome that even he cannot say it. This is the reason he says, “Ngizohleka one hour,” even he cannot explain his own awesomeness.

Listen to to the song here: Msawawa featuring Mzambiya – Bowungakanani



Author: MC World

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