Metro cop shows motorist who’s the boss

A motorist who filmed an argument between himself and a Metro cop got more than he bargained for

A Johannesburg Metro police officer has become an internet sensation after a video showing her giving a motorist a whole lot of attitude was posted on Facebook.

The eight-minute video was shot by the motorist, whom the police officer had stopped for a traffic violation – allegedly skipping a red robot. An argument ensues.

The officer ramped up the attitude when she realised the motorist was recording their conversation. She is heard saying: “The way I’m enjoying, to appear on the media. My father has not seen me on TV, he will be proud of me.”

The video received mixed reactions, with some criticising the officer for her conduct, while others found her antics hilarious.

Other than allegedly running a red robot, the motorist had a visibly cracked windscreen and an expired license disc – all offenses that carry hefty fines.


Source: destinyman

Author: MC World

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