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Bozza is a digital distribution platform, offering services that are trusted and transparent, enabling artists to connect with fans who want locally relevant content via their mobile device and desktop. Bozza is Pan African, mobile 1st and artist centric. Artists on the platform currently have exposure on just over 3000 handsets and full web profiles.

Being Bozza is about being unique, doing your own thing and expressing yourself as an artist. At we aim to build a trusted place where artists can be Bozza by sharing their latest videos, music and poetry and where fans can discover it and directly support the artists.

In Bozza every view and share counts towards real services that you can use to further advance your career. Opportunities, services and financial opportunities are featured on the site. This initial offer includes services like mixing & mastering, digital campaigns, and video production for creatives who achieve a target number of views & shares. Take a look at the latest Artist Opportunities.

All genres of video, music and poetry are welcome in all African languages. You can can create your own profile and use this profile as your very own website.

Some examples of artist profiles:

Visit and signup. It’s pretty simple. You can also track the progress of your content views and shares from within this Artist Portal. Once you’re ready you can share your work with your community through Facebook, Twitter, email or sms.


Author: MC World

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