New app to help taxi commuters calculate change

There is no greater offence than messing up a person’s change in a taxi, not closing the door behind you when exiting is a close second.

But once you start ‘messing with my money’ we’re going to fight.

For this reason alone the front seat is the most dreaded seat in the taxi. With this seat comes the great responsibility of counting out peoples change.

This might seem easy to some but once you’re in that seat you’re like a bomb technician, trying to deactivate a bomb, with 2 seconds left on the clock, but the bad guys have a gun to your head and your grandmother is in the building that’s about to blow.

But don’t despair if you’re one of these people, we have great news for you.

Sowetan LIVE stumbled across an app that can make counting change as easy as 1 plus 1.

The phambili calculator app helps you count change without breaking a sweat.

Once the app is opened you will be met with a page that has different fields to fill in.

There is a block where you can choose the amount (taxi fare) then press start.

This will take you to the next step where you can select the number of people and add how much money they have given you.

Please note that you are calculating peoples change by seat, which is marked as ‘row’ in the app.

So once you are done with the first ‘row’ below it will be a new calculation set up for the next row. You then repeat the first steps.

This same page is also where you can select whether the taxi is a 14 seater , 15 seater etc. For accuracy and also to help you calculate how much money the driver should end up with.

Going back to the start page:

You will find a secondary block which allows you to play ‘the front seat challenge’.  This is where you can play games such as ‘Return Change Challenge.’

Also on the start page there is a calculator you can use if you want to find out how much a taxi costs first before you give people change.

We found this app refreshing and something that we’d actually use. We can’t wait to see what else people will come up with out there.

Source: sundayworld

Author: MC World

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