Nintendo includes same-sex marriages in ‘Fire Emblem Fates’

Nintendo has a rocky past when it comes to same-sex relationships in its games, but the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates for its 3DS handheld should change that. There are a few different options to choose from, as Polygon reports. If you want to play as a male character who can marry a male party member, you should grab the Conquest edition ofFates. And if you want to be a female warrior who weds another lady, then the Birthright edition is the one for you. There’s also a third downloadable storyline that’ll let you do both. The marriages don’t come easy from the sounds of it, either: you need to bond with your partner in battle before you can tie the knot.

It’s a rather surprising about-face from Nintendo considering its history, but the company’s statement to Polygon makes it pretty clear that the company’s learned its lesson.

Source: engadget

Author: MC World

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