Only 10% of South Africa has internet at home

Many people take the access of internet for granted, while a large portion of those living in South Africa do no have personal internet access.

With everybody on Facebook tweeting random thoughts and posting pictures on Instagram, it is very easy to forget that only a few of South Africa’s citizens actually have access to the internet. According to the latest figures from Statistics South Africa released today, only one in ten people have access to the internet at home.

Of those who have access at home, the Western Cape had the most with 21.1%, and Gauteng 15.7%. The worst off province in South Africa is North West with 4.5% and Limpopo with only 3% of the population having home internet access.

When it comes to landline telephones the situation is slightly better. “Nationally, only 5% of households did not have access to either landlines or cell phones. Households without access to mobile phones and landline phones were mostly situated in Northern Cape (13.6%) and Eastern Cape (10.6%). Merely 0.2% of South African households used only landlines. 81.9% of South African households use only mobile phones in their homes, according to Stats SA  in its report.


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