#PizzaRat Is Out, #PitaRat Is In — Meet New York City’s Latest Subway Heartthrob!

New York City’s entertainment biz is cutthroat!

Just ask #PizzaRat, who was recently dethroned by a new rodent in town — #PitaRat.
While Pizza Rat once charmed us with his can do it attitude and iconic cheese slice, his 15 minutes are clearly UP. (PLUS he may totally be a cannibal now!)

Not only is Pita Rat a bit more edgy in his choice of carbs, but he also enlisted another rat to help him carry the loot up the subway stairs. #Subwaysquadgoals!
Check out the hilarious and adorable video (below)!

Pita rats making pizza rat look downright lazy @Gawker@nypost@NYDailyNews@NY1pic.twitter.com/0LpEqkAmwd
— laura duch (@laurakduch) January 14, 2016

Ha! We hope there was some hummus at the top of those stairs!
Either way, Mr. Pita shouldn’t get too cozy… we all know how quickly the mighty can fall!

Source: perezhilton

Author: MC World

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