Police call in Priest to stop Ghosts

Police in Scotland have called in the Catholic Church after investigating reports of “disturbing incidents” of a poltergeist at a family home.

The family, who live in South Lanarkshire, called the police on Monday and Tuesday.

“The officers attended, expecting it to be a mental health issue but they witnessed the lights going off, clothes flying across the room and the dog [the family’s pet Chihuahua] sitting on top of a hedge,” a source said.

“Senior officers called their superiors thinking the cops on the scene were perhaps being a bit silly. But it is being taken very seriously.”

A priest is understood to have blessed the house.

The mother and son are now living with relatives.

“Where do we go from here, as no crime has been established, so what else can we do but deal with any reports of disturbances,” the police source said. “But officers with more than 20 years of service are saying they have not seen anything like this.”

A police spokesman said: “On August 8 and 9 the police attended at an address in Rutherglen, responding to reports of a disturbance. No criminality was established.”

Source: timeslive

Author: MC World

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