President Jacob Zuma must fall, but he must fall through democratic processes, the Democratic Alliance’s Johannesburg mayoral candidate, Herman Mashaba, said.

“I’m saying it, Zuma must fall. If he says it is racist let it be,” he told News24. “Zuma must fall through the ballot box.”

Mashaba said the people who erected the Zuma Must Fall poster in Cape Town did a “fantastic” thing.

“It really helped,” he said. “Whoever put up that banner from a marketing point of view I’ll give them the best results because it has exposed South Africa and the rot of what is happening.”

Focus on race is spin

A large ‘Zuma Must Fall’ sign was erected in Cape Town on Friday morning. It hugged one side of a block of flats at the top of Long Street, on the corner of Kloof and Buitensingel streets.

The poster had tongues wagging on Friday with many trying to figure out who was responsible for it.

ANC supporters on Saturday tore the poster off the building, calling it racist.

Mashaba said the only way the ANC could spin it was to bring race into the matter.

He questioned how the poster could be defined as racist.

“They think we’re stupid and will focus on race and be divided and in the meantime they loot our country,” he said. “That’s not going to happen.”

Source: timeslive

Author: MC World

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