SA in for a snow-filled weekend… but when was SA’s coldest day ever?

Cape Town –  Okay, it’s official – Winter is here and things are pretty, darn cold.

While the Western Cape has just been lashed by two cold fronts in a row and snow has been spotted on the Matroosberg mountains, the South African Weather Service has confirmed snowfall for Saturday over the Lesotho Mountains and also in the Eastern Cape towards Barkley East.

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Additionally, very cold conditions can be expected towards QwaQwa in the Free State, as well across the Northern Cape, specifically in Springbok, Calvinia and Sutherland. The SA Weather Services also confirmed cold temperatures for the Gauteng region with the maximum temperature in Johannesburg not expected to exceed 15°C.

Snow Report  also confirmed a possible snow-filled weekend for Lesotho, the Eastern Cape Drakensberg and the KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg.

Saturday is a snow day, make the most of it

“It is likely to be a one day event, starting in the morning, and ending by late evening, but some substantial falls can be expected in central Lesotho, and some isolated areas of the Eastern Cape Drakensberg,” Snow Report said.

Snow Report also stated that it would not put out a map to this effect as yet, since weather systems might have the opportunity to change over the next few days – either way, can’t hurt preparing for a potential snow adventure, now can it?

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While some reports indicate the coldest day of winter thus far was experienced in Gauteng, the South African weather service says it certainly is too early to start making sweeping snow blanket statements of this nature.

Coldest temperature ever recorded in South Africa was -20.1

While temperatures did plummet to 0°C in Joburg and 3°C in Pretoria a week ago, it’s really not that bad when you consider the coldest temperature ever recorded in South Africa was -20.1 °C measured at Buffelsfontein in the Eastern Cape on 23 August 2013.

Things heated up a bit in 2014 since the lowest recorded temperature in Gauteng was -9.4 °C, measured in Vereeniging on 09 July 2014.

But the Eastern Cape certainly is the coldest province in South Africa.

On the same day in 2014 the coldest temperature measured in the Western Cape was in Prins Albert  at -5.9 °C but in the Eastern Cape’s Buffelsfontein was a biting -19.2°C.

These also happened to be the coldest temperatures measured in those areas for the last 5 years.

And just in case you were wondering,  these are the places you should avoid if you happen to be a real kouer vis

This is a quick summary of the average data by month for a large number of cities as found in the publication The World Weather Guide, E A Pearce and C G Smith, Hutchinson and CO Publishers, 1984, according to the South African Weather Service.

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