Sangoma Predicts: Jacob Zuma To Have Heart Problem And Resign as President:

Well known sangoma Mangaliso Petse makes predictions on the future of the Economic Freedom Fighters and the future of President Jacob Zuma. In a video released by a local newspaper, Petse pulled a shocker when he claimed that South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma will resign soon.

Regarding EFF, Petse said he sees things falling apart in EFF and infighting taking centre stage. He claimed that EFF leader Julius Malema will be accused of being undemocratic by his party members and they will stop trusting him.

The sangoma also said Zuma will not finish his term as the leader of the country.

“I actually see history repeating itself… through some form of recall, even if they don’t go to put it as some form of recall but there will be some things that, you know, will cause (sic) that he doesn’t finish the term. Health, you know, health issues, his health actually is my main thing (sic) that I’m seeing now. He may not finish the term due to health and all the problems that are compounding, some form of heart disease….” said the traditional healer Mangaliso Petse.

Sangomas have of late been taking turns to ‘predict’ President Zuma’s future and make various claims about his personal life. Following a series of bizarre earthquakes that took place across South Africa in recent months, sangomas recently came forward pointing the death of Jacob Zuma’s MaMlambo (mermaid) as the main cause.

Speaking to reporters, Makhosi MmaLepona, a Pretoria based sangoma well known for being naked while slithering live pythons on her patients, said “Kgwanyape – the god of the sea” is very angry that his two “daughters” were brutally killed, and is therefore brewing the mother of all vengeances.

In other shocking news, Two individuals who captured and killed the mermaids that were recently found swimming inside Nkandla’s “fire pool” have reportedly gone blind, while the third one allegedly committed suicide. Although Jacob Zuma has vehemently denied any knowledge of how these mysterious mermaids found their way into his high security homestead, EFF was quick to accuse him of practicing witchcraft.

Calls for Zuma to resign are not new. In March this year, MEFF leader Julius Malema said President Jacob Zuma should resign within 20 days, or else his party will take action.

“Zuma should step down. If he fails to do so within 20 days, the EFF will march to the Union Buildings… and we will not leave the premises until he resigns,” Malema told supporters outside the Sunnyside police station in Pretoria.

He said he had laid charges of corruption, theft, fraud and racketeering against Zuma with the Sunnyside police.


Author: MC World

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