SA’s Favourite Cars

We love our cars here in SA. They get us from A to B, they celebrate our success and they mean we don’t have to travel four four mas’hlalisane.

These are the cars we love; for whatever reasons. They’re the ones we buy, sing about and steal. Let’s start off with what we’re spending our hard-earned cash on.

What we’re buying

1. VW Polo & Polo Vivo

2. Toyota Corolla/Auris/Quest 

3. Toyota Etios 

4. Ford Figo

5. Mercedes Benz C Class

6. BMW 3 Series

7. Toyota Fortuner

8. VW Golf 7

9. Ford Fiesta

10. Ford EcoSport

*According to the national automobile association of South Africa

What’s the chance of your car getting stolen?

1. Popularity: means there is a greater demand for parts.
2. Ease of access: some cars can be started with a screwdriver.
3. Flash: if your car is an attention grabber, it’s less likely to be stolen.
4. Sweet rims: a nice set of rims/mags will attract criminals as they’re easy to sell.
5. Age: older cars are less likely to have a tracking device installed.
6. Lock and load: gear/steering locks deter criminals by making your car seem like more effort to steal.

What we’re taking – most stolen cars in SA?

1. Toyota Hiace

2. Nissan 1400

3. Toyota Hilux

4. Toyota Venture

6. Nissan Hardbody

7. MITS Colt

8. Isuzu KB280

9. Isuzu KB250

10 VW Citi Golf

Author: MC World

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