SA’s Miss Teen World is dreaming big

Johannesburg – She may have the perfect posture for the ramp, but Miss Teen World, Katlego Ncala admits she is a regular teen who is a tomboy at heart.

She is a soccer player of note and well, she is not quite sure if she will ever quit the soccer field and hang up her soccer boots for high heels and modelling ramps.

“My parents are so afraid [of me playing soccer] now. My mom said I had to choose between soccer and photo-shoots. I said she would find me on the soccer field,” Katlego says with a laugh.

The 15-year-old who was crowned Miss Teen World during a pageant in Turkey last month met up with News24 at a restaurant at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton on Tuesday.

Seated on a couch at the restaurant, a pianist plays soft music in the background and Katlego, who frequents Sandton with her friends, is an image of elegance.

Big dreams

While she is excited about her new title, Katlego’s dreams are bigger than the modelling ramp.

“I want to study law,” the 15-year-old Grade 9 pupil from Crawford College tells News24.

“Firstly, for its good pay and secondly, because I like sharing my opinions and hearing another person’s views,” she says with a chuckle.

Just hours before the interview, she wrote her first mid-year exam, isiZulu.

“It was not as hard as I expected it to be,” she says.

“But I never say my exams are easy. I can say I am an A student but not in all my subjects. I always just try my best though.”

Miss Teen World title

Katlego competed for the title of Miss Teen World against scores of other beautiful young ladies from all around the world.

Walking the ramp on May 16 was the most nerve-wrecking thing she has ever done.

“It was the most stressful night of my life. I do not usually stress because whatever I do and how I perform will show in the results I get. I understand that when I do my best, I will get the best results,” she says.

Asked what made her stand out, Katlego says the judges were probably drawn to her personality.

“I think my friendliness stood out. The way I interacted with the other girls. It’s basically about how you walk the ramp, the way you talk and interact with others and your talent,” says Katlego.

Kwela dance

For her talent, she did the South African Kwela dance.

“This was a glamour pageant. It was nothing I was expecting. I saw a side of me that I did not know existed,” she says.

She takes her new role very seriously.

“The title has more value than the prizes it came with,” she says, adding that she would be featured on several European magazines and would be styled by an international designer.

“I would really like to work with diabetic children…. I think this topic has not been given attention like cancer and HIV and the reality is it can happen to anyone,” Katlego says.

Help the youth

She is already involved in several projects including helping out at orphanages but Katlego says she wants to give more motivational talks to her peers.

“I want to influence the youth,” she says, adding that she feels they will hear, understand and relate to her better as she faces the same challenges that they do.

On Katlego’s wish list is for her to enter Miss South Africa in 2020, where she hopes to win the title.

But for now, she insists that when her sash and crown are off, she is a regular teen who loves lying on the couch and hanging out with her friends.

Her biggest hurdle at the moment, however, is doing well in her next exam on Wednesday morning.

source: news24

Author: MC World

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