See the Apple Watch torn down to its minuscule parts

This is the first day the Apple Watch has become available, but we didn’t have to wait very long to see what the device looks from the inside.

The disassembling experts at iFixit found the task of tearing down the Watch tough, but not impossible. They assess it’s possible to replace the device’s screen and battery, but that’s about it, as pretty much everything else is soldered to the Apple S1 SiP (system in package).

Still, this is one of the most interesting Apple product teardowns in recent memory. Because if its tiny size, the Apple Watch is full of minuscule parts not usually seen in Apple devices, such as Apple’s Taptic Engine and tiny gold tri-wing screws in the stainless steel variant.

taptic engine
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Apple’s Taptic Engine “taps” you on the wrist to notify you of notifications and alerts.


It’s worth noting that the battery, which should power the 38mm Apple Watch for 18 hours according to Apple, is a 205mAh one — a pretty low capacity compared to the Moto 360 smartwatch, which sports a 300mAh battery.

Another interesting detail is the Watch’s heart rate monitor. IFixit claims it’s actually a pulse oximeter — a device which should be able to measure your blood oxygen level, but Apple doesn’t advertise or mention that feature.

IFixit got their hands on two variants of the Watch — a 38mm Apple Watch Sport, and a 38mm, stainless steel Apple Watch. Besides the case the devices seem to be virtually identical.

Check out an overview of the teardown in the video below.

Source: Mashable

Author: MC World

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