Are you snacking too much?

When you snack munching on that bag of potato chips then think again. Your key to healthy living lies in cutting the junk and eating healthy. It is important to space out the four major meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner) correctly. Unfortunately, when people feel hunger pangs, they end up satisfying their urges by consuming biscuits, sweets, breads, burgers, all kinds of chavanas (dried snacks). These kind of foods not only make you gain weight but also put burden on your digestive system and resulting in unhealthy living. Follow these rules of snacking and see the difference yourself.

No binging on snacks

Start your morning with a breakfast that’s really satisfying—like oats, eggs, or yogurt. You can choose your Indian breakfast like dosa, idli, sambar, upma or moong chilla. Then at lunch, combine healthy carbs, protein, and fat.The trick of healthy living lies in eating healthy meals at regular intervals. If you’re starving while you are at work or cooking your meals, munch on cucumbers or carrots but not that bag of chips.

Keep a food (and snack) diary
Keep a log of your daily activities and your food habits. There are chances that when you see your own list of food, you will forced to cut on the junk and concentrate on healthy food.

Energy-sustaining snacks

Wholegrain cereal with low-fat milk

A piece of fruit

Salad with grilled chicken

A vegetable sandwich with whole wheat bread

Freshly cut salads

Dried fruits and nuts like almonds, dates, apricots, figs, walnuts

So, control your food urges and opt for healthy snacking.

Source: The New Age

Author: MC World

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