Snoop Dogg Details New Battle Rap Series “Take Flight On Sight”

Snoop Dogg tells about his new battle rap series and plans to take another league in competition.

Less than a year after his inaugural “Gladiator School” event, Snoop Dogg has just launched a new battle rap series in the form of a 12-part tournament.

The series, called “Take Flight On Sight,” is a collaboration with Las Vegas battle league AHAT and gives competitors the opportunity to build their way up into Snoop’s official “Gladiator School” battle league.

Speaking with correspondent and battler Cali Smoov at Saturday’s (April 4) event, Snoop explained his hopes for “Take Flight On Sight.”

“I got twelve episodes of ‘Take Flight on Sight,’ this was episode one,” Snoop said. “Basically [the series is] to give these emcees an opportunity to actually become Gladiators and make it to Gladiator School. Once we become Gladiators we can become strong enough to take on another battle league. That’s what my thing is, to find the best battle league, whether it’s SMACK, whoever it is. I wanna be able to have my Gladiators say, ‘We wanna take your eight best battle emcees where I’m putting up the money.”

As for the talent he saw at the filming, Snoop said there were promising prospective competitors.

“I heard some Spartans [tonight], I heard some Gladiators,” he said. “I heard it go down tonight on some real talk.”

Source: Hip Hop DX

Author: MC World

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