South Africa: What’s in a Name? PJ Powers Disagrees With a Liquor Store Advert


The free market is a ruthless place where gazillions of products and brands compete for the attention of potential consumers. It is a space where a colour, a few bars of music or even a typeface can come to be associated with a product, service or brand. In this noisy marketplace, established and iconic celebrities too can be used to promote or “push” just about anything – usually with their permission, of course.

Which is why local veteran singer PJ Powers – who also happens to a former alcoholic – is upset about the apparent use of her name to promote a monthly special by a local liquor outlet. By MARIANNE THAMM.

(Disclosure: Marianne Thamm co-wrote PJ Powers autobiography Here I Am, published by Penguin.)

Imagine, if you will, the advertising brains tasked with conjuring the “Grab a drink and show off those PJ POWERS” tagline for the Tops at Spar June promotion for alcohol specials at the store and which will be appearing in newspaper spreads and elsewhere until the end of the month.

Client liaison person: “Ok guys, you know the client is all about fun, fun, fun party and alcohol, of course. It’s winter, it’s cold, people…

Source: allafrica

Author: MC World

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