South African Music Awards turn XXI

By GabiVille
Twenty-one is a year that we all get a key (if you believe in that) for some it’s a year where you are free to do as you please and are guaranteed to be labeled an adult. This means ditching all the child in you and becoming a responsible person with informed decisions taken from previous mistakes. And it is this that the Annual South African Music Awards are marking their  21st birthday this year by “learning from the past to inform a bright new future”.

Some may have noticed the few celebs that have been sharing their “When I was 21″ tales marked with the hashtag #XXI  on social networks, well turns out its all for the South African Music Awards that will be releasing their nominees next week Thursday, March 12.

“The South African Music Awards turn XXI this year, a milestone that strikes a chord and resonates with us all. The continuous year on year growth, support and popularity has contributed to the improvement in the quality of participants and overall industry growth. The momentum leading to up to SAMA XXI is reflective of the high standards built over the years and achievements of all nominees,” said Mika Chauke, Head of Communications and Stakeholder Relations

The #XXI campaign has already attracted an enthusiastic response on Instagram, with celebs and ordinary people posting their nostalgic memories of when they were 21 and nominating others to do the same.

And this is what some of the personalities wrote:

Newly elected chairperson of the South African Music Awards, Refiloe Ramogase said, “The South African Music Awards turn XXI – the very same age as our cherished post-emancipated rainbow nation, South Africa.

“This milestone creates the opportunity for reflection on where the local music industry is as whole and how far our legacy has come, while shining a bold spotlight on where music is headed in this country. The awards themselves have a solid and respected heritage, and are looking to the future to build on this proud legacy with a renewed youthful vibrancy.” – release from Total Exposure

Source: TimesLive

Author: MC World

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