South Africa’s music scene is hot, hot, hot!

South African and African music is becoming increasingly more popular and reaching a wider demographic. We can thank social media for that, as well the many South African music festivals and events. What’s more is the South African festival scene grows every year, as well as the diversity of music offered, and therefore the diversity of people attending.

Urban Hunter was very excited to hear the news that, not only are there amazing South African bands set to play, but that the international line-up this year is golden. Who doesn’t love what Aloe Blacc is doing right now?

Here is a list of only a few bands and DJs you can expect at OppiKoppi this year (just to tempt you a little):

Aloe Blacc



Cat Power

Spoek Mathambo

DJ Muzi.GP


See the full artist list here (it’s well worth a look)

See all you Urban Hunters in August! If you have any OppiKoppi (or other festival) stories to share, or opinions on the line-up, please email or tweet us @UrbanHunterSA

Get your tickets for OppiKoppi Odyssey here.

Author: MC World

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