Taps run dry in parts of Johannesburg

There was no water in several parts of Johannesburg on Wednesday morning, apparently due to water levels dropping in reservoirs.

Some areas in Johannesburg have been without water since Tuesday.

This was as the City of Johannesburg announced earlier in the week that it was implementing level two water restrictions.

The shortage follows severe drought conditions in parts of the country, along with a week-long heatwave, with temperatures in Johannesburg expected to reach at least 36 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

Johannesburg Water referred queries on the shortage to the office of Environment and infrastructure MMC Matshidiso Mfikoe.

Level 3 restrictions

The MMC’s office and Rand Water could not be immediately reached for comment.

The City of Johannesburg’s Twitter account said there was an issue with the reservoir in Brixton.

It said on Tuesday: “Brixton & Surrounding areas: Our reservoir is picking up the pressure slowly to supply the tower. As soon as the tower is full they will then open water supply to all affected areas.

“We cannot confirm as to when water will be fully restored. Residents will start picking pressure slowly as [the] system recovers.”

It also said the Emmarentia area was affected by the Brixton reservoir.

Johannesburg Water also tweeted on Tuesday that if the situation in the city deteriorates further, level three restrictions would be imposed.

“Level 3 would entail supply of water at stipulated times in a day,namely only in the mornings & evenings at announced times,” it tweeted.

Water tankers deployed

According to Eyewitness News, Mfikoe said Rand Water told them water levels in reservoirs were dropping.

She said Rand Water’s struggle to fill its reservoirs is affecting Johannesburg Water.

The Star reported that two schools in the south of Johannesburg had to send pupils home on Tuesday because there was no water.

The City of Ekurhuleni issued an alert on Tuesday saying there was no water in at least 11 areas. It had also deployed water tankers to several areas.

“If the situation in all of the areas above deteriorates further, the city will implement water shedding measures and shut off supply from 22:00 to 03:00,” it said in a statement.

“Water levels at reservoirs will be continuously monitored by the city and water shedding measured will be implemented as required.”

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