The 7 things you do that completely annoy your barber

Your barber’s a very important person in your life. He’s the guy that knows the shape of your head and cuts your hair exactly the way you want it. But sometimes you can really get on his nerves with these bad habits

Taking phone calls 

Unless your partner has serious trust issues and you know you’ll get dumped if you don’t answer that call, then you shouldn’t be putting your phone anywhere near your ear during your appointment. What your barber is doing is important – he’s fixing up your first impression – and nothing should stand in his way.

Wanting something your hair can’t do

So you paged through Pinterest under the tag “black male haircut” and you saw a haircut that you really like and want. You know very well that your hair isn’t that long, it doesn’t have that texture and doesn’t have that much volume, but you show it to your barber anyway. Stop.

He’s a barber, not a miracle worker! Let’s keep our expectations realistic.

Moving your head at every glide 

There’s usually a mirror right in front of you when you get your hair cut, even if you’re having it done on the side of the road, which can make it hard to resist the urge to check the sides every time your barber moves to another section of your head.

He really hates this and he usually tries to tell you by a not-so-subtle repositioning of your head. Please, gents, keep still.

“Short, but not too short”

If you’re asked how short you’d like it and you respond with “‘I want it short, but not too short”, you’re essentially saying nothing. Be specific so that he knows exactly what it is that you want and doesn’t leave any room for ambiguity.

Mirror eye-contact 

Don’t look at your barber in the eye via the mirror while he’s cutting your hair. It might creep him out and usually makes both of you feel uncomfortable. Most of the time, it isn’t deliberate, but if it does happen, quickly avert your gaze and pretend it never happened.


There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with falling asleep while your hair’s being cut, especially if you’ve had a really long day – the razors can feel so relaxing. But let’s consider the risks – because you really have no control over your natural body while you’re asleep.

  1. You might just fart, more than once. This is just not kosher, turning your barber’s salon into one big toilet.
  2. You might sleep talk and reveal your life’s secrets.
  3. You can’t monitor how far back your barber is going with your hairline when he trims. You might wake up with your hair starting at the back of your head.

Put a cap on right after your haircut

Last, but definitely not least, putting a cap on right after a haircut is like opening a gift in front of the person that gave it to you and not pretending to even be just a little excited. Out of common courtesy, wait until you’re out of the salon before you cover your dissatisfaction by putting your cap on.

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