The Congress of the People (Cope) on Monday called for President Jacob Zuma to be charged with contempt of court.

Cope spokesperson Dennis Bloem said his party “knew all along that Zuma had actively helped (Sudanese) President Omar Al-Bashir escape in defiance of a high court order”.

Bashir‚ who is wanted on an International Criminal Court (ICC) warrant for alleged war crimes‚ left last Monday‚ after an African Union summit‚ despite a ruling ordering him to remain until it could be determined whether he should detained by South African authorities.

The court later the same day ruled that the ICC warrant should be executed.

“It is quite clear that the president of South Africa has a cavalier attitude to the laws of our country and is willing to show the middle finger to our courts of law‚” said Bloem.

“It is therefore no surprise that a culture of lawlessness is taking root in our country. Crime is rampant and lawlessness is widespread. President Zuma is the very worst role model for South Africa.

“Criminals rationalise that if President Zuma can break the law‚ then so can they.”

Bloem went on to quote constitutional expert Pierre de Vos‚ who said: “Once a government flouts court orders‚ it undermines the legitimacy of courts‚ not only in highly charged political matters‚ but also in ordinary matters affecting ordinary citizens.”

Bloem said Zuma must be “stopped from behaving as though he is above the law”‚ failing which “our country will be seen by the international community as another banana republic”.

“Cope looks forward to the high court issuing a contempt of court order against Zuma and his accomplices for assisting Bashir to flee.”

Source: sowetanlive

Author: MC World

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