The emergency grooming kit for your car

Emergencies can’t be avoided, but they can be prepared for. Here are the five items you need to have in your Emergency Grooming Kit

You keep an emergency kit for your car, so why don’t you do the same for yourself? At the end of the day, we’re all human and can sometimes forget the simplest part of our morning routine. Realising you haven’t brushed your teeth when you get to work is traumatic, especially if you’ve got the loudest mouth and everyone is expecting you to talk.

Make sure you’re always prepared for the worst, and keep these five emergency grooming essentials in your on-the-go toiletry bag: 

1.     A small hairbrush

You might think that your brush-cut only needs one brushing – just after you get dressed. But don’t be fooled, it won’t look great all day. So, just in case you have to go somewhere important, or a surprise meeting with a client or the CEO is sprung on you, make sure you have a hairbrush in your car so you can quickly return to your earlier state of ultimate freshness.

2.     A toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste

As simple a task as this is, it’s not uncommon to forget one of the most important parts of your morning routine. Unless you can afford to drive home just to brush your teeth (and who can these days?), then you should keep a small tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush in your car. You might be able to hustle toothpaste (if you’re extremely lucky) from someone in the office, but a toothbrush? We don’t think so.

3.     Travel-sized bottle of cologne

A travel-sized bottle of cologne is your best friend on any given day. Whether you forgot to apply it in the morning, or need a quick spritz before a meeting with the boss to freshen up after a smoke break – this is an emergency item you can’t compromise on.

4.     A shirt

It’s hard to forsee accidents, but if you’re wearing a white shirt, you can almost guarantee that an inexplicable coffee spill (or something of that nature) will take place at the most inconvenient time. So, always keep an extra shirt in your car. If one day you need to wear that spare shirt, don’t forget to replace it so you always have one ready.

5.     Deodorant

Another morning routine mishap is forgetting to apply deodorant. How many times has someone approached you in the office and asked if, by any chance, you have deodarant for them? So, this little emergency item will not only keep your clean and fresh reputation intact, it will also make you the office hero, the guy with the tools. Just a small note on hygiene though, never share roll-on deodorants as this is a sure-fire way to also share any skin infections. Stick to a spray bottle and you’ll be fine.

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