The Sex Position Women Love Most

You’ve heard it said, sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. But not all sex is created equal. That’s why the heroic folks at Skyn Condoms pulled off a massive study, the 2015 Millennial Sex Survey, to give you all the info you’ve always wondered about, but never asked. Now, you’ll finally know the answer to a much-asked question, “What’s her favourite position?”

Of the 2 827 women ages 18-34 surveyed, the clear winner is missionary with 30.90%. I know! We were shocked too. But hey, sometimes she just wants you on top. Following close, uh, behind was doggy style at 27.50%. Cowgirl claimed third place with 17.90%, while the rest peter out gradually, with “standing” being the lowest reported favourite position.

But there’s hope! When men were asked the same question, the results were surprisingly similar. Men’s top two favourite positions were the same as women, missionary and doggy, just not in that order. Men preferred doggy the best (34%) while missionary came in second (18%). So, really, if you’re choosing between those two, you can’t go wrong.

(Oh, and if you’re wondering, “Jockey” is when the women lies on her stomach and the guy enters her from behind. You’re welcome.)

Source: maximmag

Author: MC World

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