Three women rape South African man in BMW car, flee with his sperm

Rape is a heinous crime against humanity and we all know that. Cases are registered and a public chaos is made in front of the competent authorities to take immediate action against the perpetrators of the crime. In maximum cases, women are the victims, but what would you call an incident when three women rape a man and then flee with his sperm! Yes this shocking incident happened in South Africa.

An incident took place in South Africa where a 33-year-old man — while showing directions to the three women — was first abducted on gunpoint and after that was forced fed with some mysterious substance, as attempt to arouse him failed. Soon the three women assailants overpowered this man in his black BMW car and allegedly raped him continuously. The victim’s sperm was then collected in the plastic bag and kept in the cooler box for storage. After the work was over, the three assailants left this man 500 kilometres from the place they picked him up.

This case has not only shocked the South African police, but had also scared the men in the country to travel alone. Recently, these types of cases are on rise in Nelson Mandela’s country and police have not been able to arrest any of the assailants, accused for the crime. Questions of the protection of men are also on the agenda. With these repeated ‘gangbang’ instances, men are in disarray and fear to have sex in the future. It has also become a headache for the authorities.

Source: india

Author: MC World

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