Trends You Have to Try

It’s safe to say Autumn has arrived and winter is coming a whole lot faster than expected. There are certain things that we can only try out in this short period, and since our winter is barely three months long, I suggest you get started ASAP.

1) The Polo-Neck and Suit Combo

I know it sounds like the ’90s are back the moment we mention the “polo-neck,” but after some extensive research I would say it’s definitely a look to be tried out. Make sure you wear it with a blazer though, you’re not Steve Jobs.

2) Jackets on Jackets

I suppose our winter is not cold enough to be completely layered, but a light weight wind breaker or combat coat over your blazer or cardigan makes you look very, very cool. Walking the streets with a jacket over a jacket with a beanie and a scarf will make you look a lot cooler than the man next to you in his 6-year-old, black jersey.

3) Sizeable Scarves

An option for the hipster-inspired gent, a scarf that’s big enough to be a blanket. An awesome look if you’re going for that homeless, dirty sneaker and ripped jeans kind of a look.

4) Coat and Denim

A formal coat is an essential for every man. Before 2014, black was the number one option, but in recent times, colours like camel and grey have become favourites. A checkered option is also great if you’re really looking to stand out… in a good way, of course.

5) Tweed Everywhere

The return of tweed was one thing I could not wait for, maybe it’s my love for the ’60s and ’70s, but it’s so inspiring. A man in full tweed with a beautiful women on his arm, brown leaves on the floor in front of them, and the wind blowing through her hair, ahhh… seems like the fashion fairytale every man dreams about.

I’m excited to see what winter brings to the streets of our lovely county. For more tips follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @suitsnstuff. I’m Omar Osman, the O.S Man.

Author: MC World

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