Tyra Banks & Chrissy Teigen Go NUDE On TV!

Tyra Banks & Chrissy Teigen might be realest models around!

 On Monday, Tyra and her pal Chrissy took the opportunity and brave step to strip themselves of ALL clothing makeup on an episode of their new ABC show, FABLife.
Considering Banks often goes makeup free on social media, we’re not surprised she took it one step further with her equally daring TV bestie!
 According to the outspoken model, she was inspired to do the stunt after a bare-faced pic of herself went viral — the talk show host apparently found it astounding that her natural face would cause such a fire storm!
In the segment, Chrissy and Ty remove their makeup to expose their beauty underneath…

Love it! Not to mention we think the girls look just as gorgeous as they do when they’re done up!

Hopefully this episode sends a powerful message to young women who are afraid to leave the house without their “face”. We especially think it’s great that this segment comes on the heels of Gigi Hadid‘s important message to love all body types… what a positive week for women!

So, how do YOU feel about going makeup free?


Author: MC World

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