Something called a Golf GTI Performance Pack has been introduced to the South African market by Volkswagen SA. The popular hot hatch range will see this new derivative placed between the GTI and R by adding some 7kW of power to the former’s power output.

At 169kW and 350Nm of torque, the Golf GTI Performance Pack gives out a little something extrafor those who feel they need it, while also supplying a few extras to enhance performance further. Make no mistake; this is a GTI, which means GTI badges all around, specifically a red one at the rear and one on the brake calipers too. Just so onlookers can tell the difference.

Meanwhile Volkswagen says the uprated 2.0-litre turbo can help the car achieve 6.4 seconds for the 0 – 100km/h test, top off at 248km/h and consume an average of 6.4 litres per 100km of petrol. There is no manual gearbox for this one, only the popular DSG automatic.

Also standard is the Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) system that gives a choice of Comfort, Normal or Sport driving modes. The new electronic front differential lock works with the ESC, EDS and XDS+ functions to vector torque such that understeer is reduced and cornering notablyimproved. In fact the system works so well that in certain situations it can even apply up to 100% of torque to just one of the front wheels.


Golf GTI Performance Pack Price

R447 800

source: In4Ride

Author: MC World

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