Watch Range Rover Evoque Driver Fly Off Overpass And Walk Out Alive!

A horrific accident with a miracle outcome was captured on camera when a Range Rover Evoque slid on an icy road at speed and went flying off an overpass crash-landing a couple dozen feet below.

The accident occurred in Sochi, Russia, this past Sunday.

In the first video, you can see the driver of a white Lada sedan almost losing control, but saving it the very last second, just before the Evoque, which evidently, was going way faster than what was safe for these road conditions, came into the scene.

The Range Rover went over the bridge tumbling down some 20 meters before violently crashing on the road. Astonishingly, the driver not only survived, but with a little help from a bystander, he was able to open the door of the British SUV and walk away virtually unharmed!

Source: Carscoops

Author: MC World

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