What to do with old tyres lying around

Redisa has released different ways people can use an old tyre in their homes.

Tyres can be revamped by using these five repurposing methods:

  • With a glass top, you could create a great tyre table by adding and removing tyres to adjust the table height.
  • A fresh coat of paint can transform your tyres and turn them into the perfect plant holder. You can choose to stack your plant holders on your patio or embed them in your garden. Remember to refrain from planting edible plants in old tyres.
  • By adding a cushioned base and soft inner lining, your pets can snuggle up in their tyre bed.
  • A strong rope or chain can be attached to the tyre and hung from any sturdy tree in your garden. If you have more than one tyre, you could create a swing set and arrange them throughout your yard.

You could also use your old tyres to create great outdoor stools. Stack the tyres according to your desired height, add a soft cushion, sit back and enjoy.

So this afternoon  on your way home , have a look around . You might be able to make something nice for your place , as well as doing your bit to help the enviroment.

Happy tyre looking.



Author: MC World

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