Terry Pheto prefers her men smart and handsome. Oh, and some money will definitelty not hurt.

The actress, who’s been on a winning streak for months, was interviewed by DJ Fresh on 5FM on Monday morning. She briefly spoke about her man, her family, and her career.

Fresh first asked her a series of questions, which included how she prefers her men. She made it clear that she likes smart men. “The taller the better,” she added.

Asked if she has a smart man in her life, she replied: “I do.” Fresh then asked what told her that he’s the one, and she said: “Everyone. Everyone kept saying ‘he’s the one’.”

Terry rarely speaks about her man and we’re sure we’re not going to see pictures of him any time soon. However, she does often mention her family on social media.

She said she draws strength from her family.

“I live for them. So if I can give them the best of everything that’s reason enough for me to wake up.”

The world-renonwed actress said she’s driven by the fact that there are people depending on her. “People that have me, people that I can inspire as well. I think that’s reason enough for me to wake up and show up.”

She aslo spoke about Ayanda, a movie she co-produced. She gave advice to those who are interested in making movies.

“Surround yourself with people that you like and believe in, because it’s a long process of filmmaking.” She believes that it’s important to find the story that you believe in, even if you’re not getting paid for it.

What is it about Ayanda that grabbed her attention?

She explained: “For me, it was about a lack of female lead roles and I just wanted my first film to be a woman in the lead role. And a lack of role models, I must say, especially for black girls. That for me was like this is a story that gives young girls permission to dream and change their dreams. And it’s something that I felt like, okay, ‘I wanna be part of this film because of my own personal reasons, but more than anything, to allow young girls to dream and chase their dreams’.”

She added that she loves that Ayanda is bold and brave and she goes for what she wants.

Source: zalebs

Author: MC World

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