Why Are Publications Body-Shaming Vin Diesel Right Now?

It is never OK to body-shame anyone. Ever. Especially a man who recently welcomed a little girl, promised you even more Fast and the Furious movies, allowed us to feast on his biceps for YEARS, and just went through the trauma of losing a friend. So what if Vin Diesel put on a few pounds? Would you want to be shamed for enjoying life and taking the pressure off a bit? Do we really need to take it back to the kindergarten classroom and the Golden Rule right now?

Us Weekly referred to his physique as Vin’s “Not-So-Buff Bod” and ET’s headline starts with: “Vin Diesel, Is That You?” I’d search for more, but I’m too busy shaking my head with disgust.

I’m not going to preach, I’m just going to say you all should know better. And what’s this for, really? Using risque headlines in hopes of getting more viewers on your site? Shame on you.

Source: vh1

Author: MC World

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