Will Corruption Split the ANC

Chasing  money between some members of the ANC is becoming so bad that senior officials say it could split the ruling party and damage its power to lead.

The careless appointments of people  has damaged the goveremnts ability to deliver education, housing and other services,by as much as 40 percent of the 600 billion rand ($45 billion) budget for goods and services .

Zuma, agreed that there was a  problem,  January 8 2017, at  an ANC rally in Johannesburg, when  he urged the ANC to take a strong stand against those who abuse their positions , saying members must “live a life of humility, integrity and selfless service to the people.” Some people feel that Zuma, who took office in May 2009  hasn’t lived up to this..

The problem of corruption and the faction-fighting  in the ANC has gotten worse during Zuma’s term as President. The party has received reports of people buying membership cards in bulk, guaranteeing them control of a branch, and of some bodies claiming members that don’t even exist, according to ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa.

Ramaphosa, one of the main candidates to succeed Zuma, called on the the party to find ways to to deal with conflicts of interest, alleged criminal conduct and ethical breaches.

Rooting out corruption and restoring the ANC’s tarnished reputation won’t be easy, according to Maserumule.

“There is this perception that if you want to benefit in South Africa one way or another, for a tender, for a job, for whatever, you must be a member of the ANC,” he said. Those who use to party to enrich themselves “are not just going to just sit down and fold their arms, they are going to fight back. It is going to be a mini-war within the ANC itself.”


Source: bloomberg

Author: MC World

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